Our Mission

Our Purpose

OUR MISSION is to maximize economic value by exploring, developing and operating mineral exploration properties that produce the key minerals and metals required for a low-carbon future.

As owners of Macdonald Mines Exploration Ltd, OUR PURPOSE is to align with the interests of our shareholders and to create economic value for all through responsible and sustainable operations

Our Commitment

Our Values

  • To generate and maximise wealth for our shareholders
  • To operate in a responsible and efficient manner in the conduct of our work systems and procedures.
  • To hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions
  • To actively engage with all our stakeholders with a focus on sustainable development
  • To remain passionate about our mission and work with like-minded people
  • To promote industry best practice, occupational healthy and safety among our workers and business partners.

ESG Commitment

Macdonald Mines Exploration Ltd. is committed to prioritizing environmental matters, social considerations and sound governance practices (ESG) across everything we do. Our values demonstrate Macdonald Mines’ commitment to conducting exploration and development in a responsible manner while ensuring that we leave a positive legacy for the communities within which we work. Macdonald Mines’ Values will ensure we are acting with integrity and striving to minimize impacts and maximize benefits for all our stakeholders.

Macdonald Mines Values

Macdonald Mines’ has defined certain values that are integral to upholding our commitment to responsible mineral exploration and development.

  • Safety is Paramount ‐ The health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public is fundamental to our business. It is the responsibility of each Macdonald Mines’ employee and contractor to uphold industry best practices and promote a safety culture where every person takes responsibility for their own safety and that of others.
  • Environmental Stewardship ‐ We are committed to going beyond what is required throughout the project lifecycle to find practical solutions to protect the environment. We endeavor to eliminate net environmental impacts through leading mitigation strategies, leaving a positive long-term environmental legacy.
  • Respectful and Open Engagement ‐ We will engage with, listen to and respect the communities within which we work, to collectively enhance prosperity and well‐being. We recognize that a wide array of stakeholders from various cultural backgrounds have a vested interest in our projects. Macdonald Mines’ believes that its goals, and those of the communities in which we operate, can be aligned to create mutual and lasting benefits.
  • Transparency & Accountability ‐ We are committed to acting with integrity and in an open and transparent manner. We aim to be accurate, consistent and straightforward in all communication to stakeholders so that they are able to better understand, evaluate and assess potential risk and benefits of our projects. Our sound corporate governance practices are in place so that we are accountable to our stakeholders.

Our Team

“Achieving Success in business begins by having the proper leadership and a team of driven individuals focused on the mission, vision and values of the company”