Significant exploration and infrastructure around the Sudbury Mining District. *The reader is cautioned that the above information is not necessarily indicative of comparable mineralization on BMK’s SPJ property.
Significant exploration and infrastructure around the Sudbury Mining District. *The reader is cautioned that the above information is not necessarily indicative of comparable mineralization on BMK’s SPJ property.
Location Sudbury, ON – 10 km off Trans-Canada Highway
Targets MIAC system that formed Polymetallic Cu-Au, Co-Au, Silver, Ni-Cu-PGE and REE exploration targets / Magmatic Cu-Ni-PGE in Nipissing intrusions
Area 19,710 Ha
Ownership 100% Status

Property Highlights:

    • The SPJ Property area is affected by numerous tectonic and thermal events which have produced evidence of many episodes of both precious and critical metal mineralization including the Nipissing event (Ni-Cu-PGE & Ag-Co mineralization) and the Scadding event (Au-Co-Cu & Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization).
    • Mineralization associated with a Metasomatic Iron and Alkali-Calcic Mineral system that can host IOCG and affiliated precious and critical metal deposits Diverse land package with Cu-Au, Co-Au, Silver, Ni-Cu-PGE and REE exploration targets
    • 4-season exploration camp with logging and cutting facilities, set up at the historic Scadding Mine site, located 30 km northeast of Sudbury, ON (close to infrastructure)
    • Advanced exploration targets:
      • Scadding mine: Historic head grade of 7.2 g/t Au, closed underground workings, three open small open pits, and more than 13,000 m of oriented diamond drilling completed by MacDonald Mines to date.
    • Early stage exploration targets where initial drilling has taken place:
      • Glade Au trend: Gold in networks of multi-directional quartz veins at contact between diabase and metasediment
      • Probable extension of Scadding MIAC mineralized system
      • Alwyn Cu-Au trend: Au-Cu mineralization in quartz-sulfide veins along the McLaren Lake Fault Zone (MLFZ)
      • Cu-Au mineralization related to incipient K-feldspar and specular hematite veins demonstrate increasing indicates potential for a larger IOCG deposit model
      • Jovan-Palkovics-McLeod Au-Co-Cu-(Ni) targets
  • Other target areas:
    • Candore Ni-Cu-PGE showing
    • Jerome Ni-Cu-PGE showing

The SPJ Project is located 40 km east of the prolific Sudbury Mining Camp.  It covers a Metasomatic Iron and Alkali-Calcic (MIAC) mineral system that formed polymetallic Cu-Au and Au-Co, Au, Silver, and REE exploration targets. MIAC mineral system is a preferred alternative to IOCG systems, as MIAC better encompasses the broad spectrum of deposit types that are possible in those large hydrothermal systems. A potential for magmatic Cu-Ni-PGE deposits also exists in the Nipissing intrusions present on the project.

Our 19,710 Ha land package covers three townships and includes the past-producing, historic Scadding Mine, which produced 29,000 oz of gold at a head grade of 7.2 g/t.

Successful exploration in the Scadding Township was first reported in 1891. However, this polymetallic district area remains substantially underexplored and with modern, systematic exploration techniques has significant upside potential.

The SPJ Gold property features numerous critical metal showings and hosts former areas of historic mining, including the Scadding Au mine, the Alwyn Cu-Au mine, and the Ashigami Cu-Au mine.

Different centres of mineralization present on the SPJ Property. Orange text boxes indicate mineralization zones related with the MIAC system and blue text boxes indicate magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization zones related to the Nipissing intrusive suite.

MacDonald Mines began working on the SPJ Property in 2018. The first drill program was conducted in 2019 on the highly prospective Scadding Au mine, which led to over 13,000 m of drilling in 86 oriented diamond drill holes from 2019-2020. 3D IP surveys were completed over the Scadding mine, as well as several regional target areas in early 2020, which led to small drill programs to target the Jovan, the Palkovics and Glade areas in 2021. 

In the Glade area, successful drilling of 1,287 m in 2021/2022 led to the discovery of a potentially significant gold system recognized as an extension of the Scadding deposit. Drilling was based on MacDonald’s surface mapping and trenching, which identified high grade gold mineralization in multidirectional quartz-carbonate veining within two areas located 250 m apart, called Glade East and Glade West in 2021. In May 2022, guidance from ALS GoldSpot’s artificial intelligence generated targeting expanded the Glade Au trend potentially up to 1.7 km.

Additional trench mapping of the Powerline area expanded the footprints of the mineralized system. In the Powerline area, surface mapping identified intense carbonate-quartz breccia within an albitized conglomerate. The area was stripped by MacDonald Mines in 2018 and channel samples returned 0.25 g/t gold, 0.011% cobalt, and 0.027% nickel over 13 metres.

At the Alwyn Cu-Au exploration target, MacDonald Mines completed a successful 693 m drill program following artificial intelligence (AI), integrated targeting by ALS GoldSpot in early 2022. Drilling along this trend began outlining the significant Cu-Au mineralized system, with broad intervals of mineralized veining from 30 – 116 m wide (core length). The most significant mineralization intersected was in a previously untested area of the trend in hole AW-22-102 which intersected 0.17% Cu, 0.36 g/t Au and 0.28 g/t Ag over 90.44m including two zones of stronger mineralization.

The company’s focus is on continuing to expand these zones of mineralization while connecting centres of critical metals across the SPJ Property. The diverse enrichments of critical metals, characteristic alteration facies and signature structures on the Property demonstrate strong evidence for a large Metasomatic Iron and Alkali Calcic (MIAC) mineral system on the SPJ Property.